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To play Go Fish, you need the following:.

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Each player gets ten cards from the dealer. You pretend as you deal out the full deck that you have one more player than you really do. With four players, for example, you deal out ten cards one by one, face-down, in a clockwise rotation in five piles. Add the two leftover cards to the pretend pile and leave those 12 cards as the stock in the middle of the table. With three players, you have three hands of 13 cards and a stock of the remaining A response to name-dropping an obscure personage from pop culture or history on a social networking site.

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Like in the card game 'go fish,' it's an acknowledgment that you don't have that card in your hand, and that you have to go fishing for it on the internet. In an effort to speed up getting to know each other sexually, a couple discusses what they will or will not do in bed. Do you have chlamydia? You guys seemed like you were hitting it off. Until we played " Go Fish " and I found out she has herpes!

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Go-Fish unknown. Usually happens when there are other people in the room and you dont want them to know.

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Go Fish sex. The act of making a women get on her hands and knees while standing in front of her thrusting your hips and working your member like a worm making her try to grab it with her mouth while its moving thus resembling a fish hitting on a worm or lure. This can also be done while tweeking a nipple or reaching around and inserting a finger in the anus or vagina.

The gameplay then moves to the left and the next person fishes for cards. A player makes a book when they have 4 of a kind.

When a book is made, the player places the 4 cards face up in a pile in front of them to verify to the other players that they made a book. The game ends when all 13 books are made.


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The player with the most books wins. If a player runs out of cards during the game, they may select one from the ocean when it is their turn. You reluctantly draw the top card from the ocean and happily see that it is an Ace. You then place the 4 cards in front of you so that everyone can see that you made a book. A round passes and it is your turn again.

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You ask the same player in front of you if they have any Kings. This time they do not smile and instead give you 3 Kings.

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You make another book and the gameplay proceeds in your favor.