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Then Sara Orne died on May The next October he married Rachel Walker. They also had eight children. His job was to carry information and letters all over Massachusetts. The day of April 18, British troops went to Boston to take the colonists supply ships at Concord. So Paul Revere was sent to warm the Americans troops there. Then he persuaded British troop of letting him free and it worked. He returned to Lexington to tell the Americans that the British are coming.

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Paul Revere received a message from Dr. Joseph Warren about one the movements of the British Army. At Isaac Royall House he had to warn the minutemen. Now he will be remembered as a excellent engraver and craftsman in silversmithing. Also his medals that he engraved are now used for prints on paper that is now highly popular today.

An American hero?. Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Fact vs. Fiction Who Was Paul Revere?

The Revolutionary Paul Revere

January 1, D. May 10, Silversmith from Boston--a very good one Drew Political. This is a list of basic Facts on Paul Revere. Paul Revere's ride is one of the events of the Revolutionary War that lives on in the minds of millions of Americans as an example of the difference that one man can make. These Facts on Paul Revere include basic things such as birth and death dates, names of children and occupation, but also include interesting facts about his role in the American Revolution beyond his famous midnight ride, his military service and some of his rather interesting business pursuits - such as being a church bell manufacturer!

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Joshua Revere , December 7, - August 14, Joshua was a merchant in business with his father. Joseph was named after Dr. Joseph married Mary Robbins and took over his father's copper business in She married Joseph Balestier, a merchant and diplomat to Singapore. She died in Singapore. April , commissioned a Major of Infantry in Massachusetts militia. This was a disappointment to Revere. He wanted an appointment in the Continental Army , but was stuck in Boston.

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November , commissioned Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery.