Manual Wheel of Fate: A Roger the Chapman Medieval Mystery 19 (Roger the Chapman Mysteries)

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Richard III was crowned king, and the two boys were sent to live in the Tower of London, from which they seem never to have emerged alive. The mysterious fate of the "Princes in the Tower" has fascinated writers from Shakespeare to the present day. Or was he innocent, as several modern writers have argued? Prudence Andrew, A Question of Choice , about the bitter controversies during a monastery's effort to choose a new abbot in , with candidates sponsored by rival factions close to the English throne. Pauline Bentley, Silk and Sword , historical romance about a man and woman allied with opposing factions during the Wars of the Roses.

Patrick Carleton, Under the Hog , about Richard III from the perspective of various courtiers and common people who encountered him.

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Toby Clements, Winter Pilgrims , about a young nun and the young monk who rescues her, who are forced to flee amid the Wars of the Roses; 1 in the Kingmaker trilogy. Toby Clements, Broken Faith , about a man and woman separated during the Wars of the Roses while in possession of a ledger that contains a dangerous secret; 2 in the Kingmaker trilogy.

Toby Clements, Divided Souls , about a former priest and skilled archer recruited by the Earl of Warwick to serve as his unofficial spy, a role that brings him back into contact with a deadly enemy; 3 in the Kingmaker quartet. Emma Darwin, A Secret Alchemy , about the Princes in the Tower, from the perspective of their mother, Elizabeth Woodville, their uncle Anthony Woodville, and a fictional modern-day researcher writing a book about Anthony.

Review or Author Interview. Maurice Hewlett, Brazenhead the Great , a romantic novel set during Jack Cade's Rebellion in , in which some 5, Kentish peasants marched to London in revolt against Henry IV, one of the early events leading to the Wars of the Roses. Conn Iggulden, Bloodline , about the sons of Richard, Duke of York, and their efforts to win the throne of England after his death; 3 in the Wars of the Roses series.

Livi Michael, Rebellion , about Margaret of Anjou and Margaret Beaufort, each of them determined to put her son on the throne of England; 2 in the Wars of the Roses series. Ruth S. Alan Savage, Queen of Lions , a portrayal of Margaret of Anjou which imagines she had an exceptionally active sex life. Anne Easter Smith, A Rose for the Crown , about a fictional mistress who was the mother of two of Richard III's illegitimate children in the years before he became king.

Brian Wainwright, The Adventures of Alianore Audeley , a humorous historical novel about a woman spy during the Wars of the Roses. Robyn Young, Sons of the Blood , a thriller about the illegitimate son of a man charged with treason, who risks returning to England from Spain to find out why, as King Edward's death in leads to questions about who will succed him: his brother Richard or his young son Edward; 1 in the New World Rising series. Robyn Young, Court of Wolves , a thriller about a man who, outlawed by Henry Tudor, goes to Lorenzo de' Medici's court in Florence in search of secrets about his past; 2 in the New World Rising series.

Skinner 11th. Quintin Jardine: Fallen Gods.

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Skinner 13th. Michael Jecks : The Oath. Knights Templar, Medieval West Country 29th. Stan Jones : Village of the Ghost Bears. Nathan Active 4th. Stacy Juba : Sink or Swim. Stuart M. Kaminsky: A Whisper to the Living.

Wheel of Fate (Roger the Chapman, #19) by Kate Sedley

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Tim Maleeny : Greasing the Pinata. Cape Weathers 3rd.

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Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Common Knowledge Series Roger the Chapman medieval mysteries. Series: Roger the Chapman medieval mysteries Series by cover. Series description Set in the 15th century, this series recounts the adventures of Roger the Chapman, a strapping, vigorous blond peddler who rejects monastic life for the adventures of the road. Originally a bachelor of no fixed address, Roger eventually marries and has children, but he continues to travel widely in England, either to pursue his trade or in service to the House of York.

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